Our Partnership With RMCHC



In early December, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity (RMCHC) sent Humphrey Bear to congratulate us at Kids Funtime Beds when we became an official partner with the charity after many months of supporting it with various fundraising ideas. By matching pound for pound kind donations made by our customers during the purchase of their beds raised £120 for the charity in the months leading up to Christmas. This year alone we already we have raised over £100 from checkout donations!
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“Making Bedtime Fun”


Deluxe Funtime Playhouse Bed

The festive season of Christmas can be a lively time of parties, celebrations and family outings that can be immensely enjoyable for all but also quite disruptive to the normal routine of the household. This can have an effect on the normal sleeping habits of young children in a family and it is important to take their sleep needs into consideration whilst planning family gatherings or events.
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