One great activity that you can get your children involved in is decorating their own bedroom. It is an opportunity for your children to get creative and have fun with their bedroom layout and decor. If your child is wanting to update their bedroom this year, then Kids Funtime Beds have some great ideas for how they can add a personal touch to their room.


Make your decor reflect your interests

Is your child into Disney princesses? Or are they into Marvel superheroes? Whatever interests your child has, there are so many opportunities for you to embrace them in their decor design. You can add small touches to their bedroom, or you could go all out and create an entire bedroom look based on a theme! The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a bedroom that your child will love.

Children can easily decorate their room with posters, wall art, or toys that they love. If your child is into arts and crafts, then our bunk bed with desks could be the perfect addition to their room, to provide them with plenty of space to paint and draw.


Put your signature on the bedroom

Another great way for your child to personalise their room is by putting their own signature on it. Children can make their bedroom their own by decorating with family photos, personal drawings, or name wall decals.

At Kids Funtime Beds, we provide many options for your child to customise their bed with fun extras. One fun extra that you can add to our kids bunk beds is name engraving! When purchasing a Kids Funtime bed, children can have their name engraved on the bed frame. This can help them personalise their bedroom and make their room feel extra special!


Decorate with your favourite colour

The easiest way that your child can add a personal touch to their own room is by decorating with their favourite colour. From the curtains to the bedsheets and from the walls to the carpets, there are many opportunities for them to decorate their room with their favourite colour.

As a bed is one of the most important features of a bedroom, why not make it stand out with a pop of colour? At Kids Funtime Beds, all of our beds come in a wide variety of colours for your child to pick out their favourite one! Beds like our kids playhouse beds and kids castle beds can be customised with a colour of their choice.
As of June 2019, we have some new colour wrap options for our kids bunk beds that gives your child plenty of colours to choose from. We are introducing a new range of colour wrap options in stylish high gloss and oak finishes. Theses trendy colour finishes are made to withstand wear and tear and are also both stain and scratch resistant. Making them last for much longer in your child’s room!

Your child can add the finishing touches to their personalised bedroom with stylish colours such as ‘Gorse’ (yellow), ‘Moonlight’ (medium grey), ‘Pervinca’ (light blue) and many more.


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