If you are wanting to update and refresh your child’s bedroom this year then we have the perfect decor guide for you! Here at Kids Funtime Beds we have a great guide to five stylish bedroom decor trends that you can use in your child’s bedroom this year. Whether you are designing a room for your little boy or little girl, we have the perfect decor inspiration for you to use in 2019 that will look stylish for years to come.


Creating A Bedroom Your Child Will Love!

It is inevitable that your child’s bedroom decor preferences will change over time. As they get older children will become interested in different toys, colours, and the way their bedroom is decorated. A child’s bedroom décor can quickly become outdated as they move through the stages of their childhood and it can be frustrating for a parent to constantly update their child’s room depending on what they want their room to be like at that time.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to redecorate a child’s room that will last a long time. If you are looking to change the décor of your child’s room, all you need to do is look at some current design trends. From fabrics and colours to bedroom themes and furniture, here are five popular design trends that you could use in your child’s room this year!


1. Colours

One decor trend that you can follow this year is adding a splash of colour to their bedroom. Many studies suggest that cool tones like blue and grey can help to create a relaxing sleep environment to sleep in. You can easily transform your child’s bedroom with their favourite colours with wall paint, carpets, accessories, and soft furnishings.

If your child would like their bed to stand out in their room, then why not add a touch of colour to it? From June, we have new colour wrap options for our kids bunk beds to help you choose the perfect colour for your child. You can choose from stylish oak and high gloss finishes in beautiful colours like red, grey, blue, and more!


2. Fabrics

As a bed is the centrepiece of a child’s bedroom, there are many ways that you help it stand out with stylish duvet covers and pillows. The key to embracing fabrics in home decor is by experimenting with different colours, patterns and materials. Style your child’s bed with comfy duvet designs that they will love and add some texture with fluffy cushions and cuddly toys.

To add some texture to the bedroom floor, you can also add some soft furry rugs to their room too. There are plenty of creative rug patterns and designs that you can choose to add to their room this year!


3. Accessories

To easily transform your child’s room this year, why not add some stylish accessories to their bedroom? One popular design trend at the moment are metallic finishes. You can easily refresh and update you child’s room with metallics with light fixtures, curtain poles, storage options and more.

Metallic accessories can help to add a stylish touch to your child’s room and help give it a refreshing modern feel. One advantage of using metallics in home design is that they easily match with many different styles and colours, making it the perfect material to use.


4. Themes

Children often play in their rooms and have friends round to play games and hang out. So why not decorate your child’s room with a theme that kids will love? Whether your child is interested in cartoon characters, Marvel superheroes, or Disney princesses, you can easily style a room that can be suited to their interests.

You can easily embrace a theme that your child will love through duvet covers, curtains, posters, and rugs. Let your child be creative and choose a theme that they would like their bedroom to match. If you want to be creative with bedroom furniture too, we have some fantastic childrens beds for them to choose from like our fun kids castle beds.


5. Bedroom Furniture

Another easy way that you can update your kid’s room this year is by updating their bedroom furniture. One design trend at the moment is creative storage options that can help save space in your home. Under-bed storage and creative storage shelves are just some great ways that you can store more toys, clothes, and books in your child’s room.

Here at Kids Funtime Beds, we also have some creative storage bed options available like our fabulous bunk beds with stair drawers. You will be able to make more space in your child’s room and make the room look bigger by utilising storage beds in their room this year.


New colour options at Kids Funtime Beds!

Thinking of adding a bold splash of colour to your child’s room this year? Then we have some great new bed colour options for you to choose from! From June, we are introducing new colour wrap options for our kids bunk beds. Our new options are scratch and stain resistant and are made to withstand wear and tear.

You can choose from a stylish range of beautiful high gloss and oak finishes to find the best one to suit you. Here are a few of our colour options that you will be able to choose from:

Go Bold: with vibrant ‘Plankton’ (lime), eye-catching ‘Gorse’ (yellow) or fabulous ‘Gerbera’ (orange).

Go Modern: with the stunning ‘Agave’ (dark grey) or the beautiful ‘Moonlight’ (medium grey).

Go Rustic: with oak wrap finishes such as ‘Covarn-Vintage Oak Grey’ and ‘Covarn-Charleston Oak Dark Brown’.