Storage Solutions for Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom Storage

In need of some practical storage solutions for your kid’s bedroom or play area?

Tired of stepping on toys and other loose items? Struggling for space to put clothes and bedding? Looking for better ways to organize your kid’s reading books? Look no further than our new assortment of fun, decorative and whimsical storage items! Clear up the floors and de-clutter those surfaces by giving all your kid’s belongings a proper home.

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How To Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear Of The Dark

Sometimes your children will sleep soundly throughout the night.  But sometimes they can also develop a fear of the dark too.  This can be both problematic for both children and parents as the child will struggle to get good quality sleep on a night.  By helping your child overcome their fear of the dark, they will be able to sleep better at night and become more confident in facing their fears.

If your child is struggling with their fear of the dark, there are many ways that you can help them overcome it.  Kids Funtime Beds are here with a useful guide to help both you and your child overcome their fear of the dark.

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How to Have a Relaxing Duvet Day at Home

As a parent, do you ever feel the pressure to keep your kids entertained on your days off with them? If you don’t want to take them out of the house to museums or play parks, then why not consider spending a duvet day at home with your kids? There are many ways that ‘duvet days’ can keep your children entertained and help you have a relaxing day off as well.

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Speeding up the School Run

Do you struggle to get your child out of bed on a school morning? From forgotten school books to last minute lunches, and from t-shirt stains to gym shorts that can’t be found, the morning school run can be a nightmare for many families. But it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, there are many ways to making mornings easier, giving you more time to sit down, relax and really savour that first coffee of the day.

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