Made in Britain

At Kids Funtime Beds, we are proud of our British heritage, and we share the vision of many to see a return to the days of British Manufacturing on British soil. This is why we are delighted to be granted membership of the “Made in Britain” campaign and to be allowed to display the award-winning “Made In Britain” marque in the promotion and sale of our Kids’ Beds.

Due to the decline of the British manufacturing industry which has shrunk by over two thirds in the last thirty-five years, many of the products consumers are now purchasing are manufactured overseas, particularly in countries such as China and India. In many cases, this has compromised quality and has brought a great deal of customer dissatisfaction on to the high street and no small amount of uncertainty about value for money. The great tragedy in this is that, in order to cut costs, many British companies compromised the integrity of their products and ultimately their reputation by transferring their manufacturing outlets abroad, using cheaper materials and employing an inferior workforce that lacked the skills and training that their counterparts in the United Kingdom had. Due to the substantial difference in the quality of goods made here in the UK and of those manufactured overseas, consumers are increasingly looking to “Buy British” and have expressed a great need for an official seal or stamp which confirms that the product is authentic and definitely made on home soil. This is where the Made In Britain campaign comes in.

The idea for a logo for genuine British manufacturers to carry was initially the brainchild of cooker manufacturer Stoves after carrying out research in 2011 that revealed the British public’s uncertainty and confusion about which products were actually made in the UK. After a competition was launched for students at British universities to design a “Made in Britain” logo, companies who make products in the UK were invited to apply to carry the winning entry. Today, an updated version of the “Made In Britain” logo is carried by over five-hundred British businesses, and more British companies are seeking to possess the marque to promote the sale of their products.

Kids Funtime Beds was accepted as a member of the Made In Britain Campaign in May of this year, and we are very pleased to carry the marque as evidence to our customers of our commitment to the manufacturing of authentic British products here in the UK! Not only are we a genuine British manufacturer, but we ourselves buy British! All the materials we use to make our beds, such as the wood and paint, are purchased from British suppliers, as are the extras we offer, such as mattresses or the carpets that we use for those of our beds which have stairs (E.G. our Deluxe Bunk Beds or Deluxe Playhouse Beds). We say “British Is Best” and we are confident that, on the purchase of our products, you will agree with us, as “Made In Britain’’ speaks for quality, and quality is always our top priority in the design, manufacturing, sale and delivery of our Children’s beds.