Funtime Bunk Childrens Bed with Cut Out Steps

When children have to share a bedroom, bunk beds are the most obvious solution to the issue of space and have been a popular choice with many generations of parents for the sleeping arrangements of their children.

As for everything else, progress has made its mark on the bunk bed and, as we demonstrate here at Kids Funtime Beds, there has been a huge leap forward in its evolution – not only in the choice of different designs of bunk bed that are on offer, but also in terms of health and safety. The days of bunk beds that rock or squeak when a little boy or girl turns over at night are gone (or at least they should be if bed suppliers are selling bunks that are designed and built well). Nuts and bolts that stick out of the woodwork with the potential to scrape a child who is passing or playing nearby should also be a thing of the past. Safety is as important a consideration for our Funtime Beds as comfort is when your child settles down for a good night’s sleep.

Regulations that cover the design and construction of bunk beds are far more stringent than they used to be and bunk beds must comply with strict British safety standards. They are now required to be completely rigid and stable, and it is important that a mum and dad who is self-assembling a newly bought bunk bed follows the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. It is also no longer acceptable for any gaps on the bed above 830mm to be any less than 60mm or larger than 75mm. This is to prevent young children from trapping their heads or their hands. Guard rails on the top bunk must now, by law, be on all sides of the bed, as there have been serious accidents and even fatalities resulting from children who have slipped out of the top bunk and become trapped between the bed and the wall where there was no guard rail on the wall side of the bed. At Kids Funtime beds, we strictly adhere to all these regulations in the design and construction of all our beds.

Guidance concerning mattresses used on the top bunk is very specific when it comes to Health and Safety. A mattress on a top bunk is required to fit firmly with the top of it being at least 10cm below the top of the guard rail. We go one step further than this in the safety of our junior bunk beds by stocking quality mattresses that sit 20cm below the guard rail. For our single-size bunks, Our Breasley Postureform Delux and Graduate plus foam mattresses sit 16cm below the guard rail, so safety is always paramount at Kids Funtime Beds.

All our Kids Beds are built to be the ultimate in comfort, fun and also health and safety, because we always want little boys and girls to enjoy night after night of happy, comfortable and safe sleep.