How To Get Siblings To Sleep In The Same Room


Helping your kids settle to sleep, and to stay asleep, can be difficult at the best of times, but it’s even more tricky when your kids share a room. When children are sharing a room, they can often keep each other awake during the night. Sleeping arrangements in a shared bedroom can be difficult, especially if one child wants to sleep and another wants to stay up late. If you are having trouble settling your children down for the night, then we are here to help with some useful bedtime tips!

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Creating A Bedroom Study Space

Productive Bedroom Study Space

Is your child neglecting their homework? Are they easily distracted at home? Then creating a study space for them in their bedroom is one great way that you can help them become more productive. From removing distractions to providing them with the study space and materials, we have some useful tips that can help you to help them study better in their bedroom this year.

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4 Creative Ways To Light Up Your Child’s Bedroom

Lighting a child's bedroom

If you’re looking for stylish and creative ways to update your child’s bedroom this year, then why not add some trendy lighting to their room? There are many types of lighting that you can choose from that can help brighten up the dark corners of their bedroom. Adding creative lighting to their room can help you to create a fun and interesting sleep environment that children will enjoy!

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Summer Nights How To Sleep Well This Summer

Tips for sleeping well this summer

In the hot summer months, it can be difficult for you and your family to get good quality sleep every night. When your bedroom is too warm you’re more likely to stay awake for longer and find it harder to get back to sleep. In summer, the lighter evenings and mornings can also be an issue that can disrupt your sleep pattern. Whether you are away on holiday, or at home, there are many useful tips that can help you to sleep better during summer.

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Are You A Night Owl Or An Early Bird

Nght Owl?

Do you like to stay up late at night? Or do you like to wake up early? If you’d like to find out which type of sleeper you are, then we have a great guide for you! All of us have different sleeping patterns and preferences, so no two individuals are the same. Where some may function best working late at night, others might be more alert in the early hours of the morning. Take a look at our great guide today to find out whether you are more like a night owl or early bird.

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How To Help Your Child When They Struggle To Sleep

Struggling to Sleep

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you know your child is tired but they can’t or won’t get to sleep. Many parents report that the clock changes in spring and autumn can trigger restlessness, as can other disruptions, such as a child moving into a new bedroom or starting school. However, help is at hand! Take a read of our guide to getting your child to sleep and discover some tricks and tips to help them drop off for a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Top 4 Healthy Snacks To Eat Before Bedtime

healthy bedtime snacks

One frequent task that parents have to deal with is what to do when your child is still hungry at bedtime. What do you do when it’s time for bed but your child still wants something to eat? We have a great article for you on what are the best foods to give your child at bedtime. Even though bedtime isn’t always the best time of day to have a snack, it’s still best to avoid unhealthy sugary treats just before bed. So here are just a few healthy snacks options that both you and your child can enjoy before bed!

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How To Transform Your Child’s Bedroom In 2019

One exciting room that you can decorate in your home is your child’s bedroom. When decorating their room there are endless creative options and cool colour schemes for you to choose from. However, kids grow up fast and so do their individual tastes and preferences, so it’s important to give your child’s bedroom a makeover now and again to give their room a proper refresh.

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Creating The Perfect Bedroom Play Area For Your Child

Play area in kids bedroom

Children love having the privacy of their own bedroom, and combining a play area into your child’s bedroom layout can offer heaps of advantages: both to you, your child and any of the “smaller” guests who choose visit your home. When visitors arrive and take over the living space, it’s much easier for your child to retire to his/her bedroom to relax in peace, particularly when there are lots of exciting activities and toys that are easily available.

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