How To Transform Your Child’s Bedroom In 2019

One exciting room that you can decorate in your home is your child’s bedroom. When decorating their room there are endless creative options and cool colour schemes for you to choose from. However, kids grow up fast and so do their individual tastes and preferences, so it’s important to give your child’s bedroom a makeover now and again to give their room a proper refresh.

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Creating The Perfect Bedroom Play Area For Your Child

Play area in kids bedroom

Children love having the privacy of their own bedroom, and combining a play area into your child’s bedroom layout can offer heaps of advantages: both to you, your child and any of the “smaller” guests who choose visit your home. When visitors arrive and take over the living space, it’s much easier for your child to retire to his/her bedroom to relax in peace, particularly when there are lots of exciting activities and toys that are easily available.

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Space Saving Ideas for Kids Bedroom

Space Saving Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Space Saving Ideas For Your Kids Bedroom

Furnishing your child’s bedroom can be both enjoyable and frustrating, especially if space is limited. Trying to fit all of those essentials into the room, such as the bed, clothes and toys can be quite a challenge if you want to maximise floor space. Fortunately, there are furniture options and storage ideas out there that can help you to save much-needed space in your child’s bedroom. Take a look at our useful space-saving tips that can help you!

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Top 5 Benefits of Kids Bunk Beds

Benefits of Bunk Beds

Choosing the right bed for your child can be difficult. But taking your time and doing your research online can help you to eventually find the perfect bed for them. If you are looking for a brand new bed for your child, then bunk beds can be a great option for you!  Whether you are searching for a new bed for your little girl or little boy there are many stylish bunk bed options for you to choose from on our website.

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How many hours sleep does your child need?

How Many Hours Sleep
Do Your Children Really Need?

It’s been said that babies, children and teenagers need significantly more sleep than that of an average adult. Sleep promotes healthy mental and physical development and without the correct amount, you might find that problems start to arise. Children that miss as little as 60 minutes sleep per day may start to present various behavioural issues.

As adults, when we get tired we feel ready for our beds, but over tiredness in children can actually have the opposite effect. Children can become restless and hyperactive as a result of missed sleep, so it’s often difficult to determine whether they’re not ready for bed, or if they’ve missed the mark!

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Of course, there are instances where poor sleeping routines are caused by an underlying medical issue or sleep disorder. Disorders such as sleep apnea and ADHD are two of the most common reasons in which children find it difficult to sleep throughout their early life. If you suspect that your child has one of these medical conditions, it’s best to speak to your GP or health visitor for advice and guidance.

Inmost cases, though, sleep deprivation in children can be solved via the use of a solid evening and bedtime routine. Children thrive off routine, and if you can establish one that works well for you and your family, you’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.

A typical bedtime routine for most young children should consist of a wind-down period where screen time is kept to a minimum and is swapped with quiet activities such as reading. This should be followed with a reasonable bed time.

Research has shown that a reasonable bed time for babies and young children is between 7pm and 8pm. But how much sleep do they really need? We’ve put together a handy guide to help you determine how many hours your little one should be spending in the land of nod:


3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
18 Months
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
6 Years
8 Years
10 Years
12 -18 Years

Hours at Night

8.5 Hours
10 Hours
11 Hours
11.5 Hours
11.5 Hours
11.5 Hours
11 Hours
11.5 Hours
10.75 Hours
10.25 Hours
9.75 Hours
8 – 9.25 Hours

Nap Hours

8 Hours
5 Hours
3.3 Hours
2.3 Hours
2 Hours
1.5 Hours
1 Hours
0 Hours
0 Hours
0 Hours
0 Hours
0 Hours

Naps Per Day


Total Hours

16.5 Hours
15 Hours
14.25 Hours
13.75 Hours
13.5 Hours
13 Hours
12 Hours
11.5 Hours
10.75 Hours
10.25 Hours
9.75 Hours
8 – 9.25 Hours

Kids Funtime Beds are leading suppliers of high-quality kids bunk beds. Our selection of bunk beds are custom built and come in a range of sizes and designs to sleep up to 4 children! Choose from a range of shorty, high and mid-sleepers or go all out and try one of our castle beds or playhouse beds. All of our beds are available with optional extras including stair carpets and drawers.

Whilst we can’t guarantee a full night’s sleep, we’re certain your child would love a Kids Funtime Bed!

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Tips On Getting Your Child To Stay In Their Own Bed

Tips On Getting
Your Child To Stay
In Their Own Bed

Do you have a child who starts the night off well by going to sleep in their own bed, only to be greeted a couple of hours later by them standing beside yours waiting to be invited in? Some parents don't mind, but for some it's a very unwanted problem.

If it's becoming somewhat of a habit, we've put together a few reasons on why it happens and what you can do to try and correct the issue.

During your child's toddler years, they're likely to go through an immense leap in motor, social and cognitive skills and although they may also gain a sudden desire to be independent, most children also experience a degree of loneliness and insecurity.  
This will sometimes lead them to require some extra bedtime cuddles, resulting in a night-time visit to your room.

Tackling such a problem requires a lot of will-power. You'll need to be determined and stern, as tantrums are likely in the beginning; hold your nerve and stay calm, for the rewards of sleep training far out-weigh the alternatives in the long-run. You'll need to bear in mind that there's no over-night solution, and it'll take time for your child to adjust to not sleeping alongside you. It's important to plan the change before your child knows at first.

Encourage your child to play more in their room, especially on the bed during afternoons and evenings before they're due to go to sleep. Make sure your child gets used to being in their alone. Playing will promote positive feelings towards the room, and if you can get them to play on the bed itself, it'll be even better.

Make sure your child feels important in their bedroom- allow them to pick their own décor and accessories to encourage their independence and allow them to express their personality. You could invest in a childrens castle bunk bed or even a playhouse bed to make the room extra special and subtly encourage your child to want to be in there.

Next you'll need to pick a night to start the process and you'll need to make your child aware of this. Chances are it might not go down well to start with, so this is where your patience comes in. Each time your child appears at your bedside, gently and quietly take him back to his own bed and continue to remind yourself that this will be best in the long run.

You'll want to reassure your toddler and make them feel safe whilst avoiding those Oscar-winning tantrums, so be kind but firm. If your child has nightmares or is scared of 'monsters' let them know that they're completely safe in their room but don't encourage feelings of anxiousness. You could say something like “There aren't any monsters in our house, so why don't you have a big snuggle with teddy and get some sleep”.

Likewise if they're scared of the dark, you could always pop a lamp in the room to give your child control of switching it on if they do wake in the night; giving them this freedom is more likely to ensure they won't end up in your room.

If your child is sick, it might be a good idea to stay with them during bedtime and during any night-wakings. If they're listless but wakeful, they're more likely to fall asleep if they know you are there; but make it clear that they don't need to come to your room. Hopefully this will result in your child staying in their own room when they're feeling better again.

If your child is older you might want to try reward schemes and sticker charts to encourage good sleeping habits

Allow your child to take something to bed that they can cuddle such as a teddy, blanket or comforter

If your child creeps into your room without you noticing, try putting a bell on their door or yours- to make you aware when you're expecting a small visitor!

Be firm when taking your child back to bed and reiterate the same point over and over about them having to stay there

Be consistent, use the same approach and be repetitive every time you experience a night-waking.

Make sure you and your partner are on the same page and know exactly what to do in the event of a wake-up call

Bedroom Ideas For Little Boys

He might not admit it but having a cool room is probably pretty important to your little boy, so picking a theme that's right for him is crucial. With so many ideas to choose from, and so many products available on the market- from trendy custom kids beds to quirky teepees, it can be difficult to know where to start.

In an aim to help you out, we've put together a list of our top themes for little boys bedrooms that you'll be able to recreate yourself!

A nautical theme is one that never goes out of style, and we're not surprised!
After all, what little boy doesn't love pirates andtreasure? But if you want to go beyond the realms of anchors andboats, there's a couple of ways you can really bring the room tolife! Paint the walls in a sea of blue, and hang up some nets coveredin star-fish, toy anchors and scrolls for a 3D effect your little onewill love!

If you want to go one step further, why not create your very own sail!Use an old wooden curtain pole to create a T-bar over your child'sbed then drape a black bed sheet over the top. You could even usesome white paint or a transfer sticker to create a crossbones! Tofinish off, rummage through your local charity shops to see if youcan find an old chest and fill it with faux treasure or you couldeven use it as an additional storage solution.

It's not just girls who believe in fairy tales, so why not create your little boy a room that's fit for a king?
Invest in a castle bed for hours of role play and even more hours of sleep! You could go with a luxury royal theme or even medieval knights and dragons depending on your little one's preference, the possibilities really are endless!
Choose bedding and curtains to compliment the theme you choose and opt for a brick-effect wall paper to create the look of a real-life castle. In terms of accessories, you should be able to pick up some plastic swords and shields pretty easily, and hang them on the walls.

For many little boys, the idea of going to space is a dream come true!
So why not create a room that's completely out of this world. To do this, paint four of the walls either very dark blue (or black if you dare) then use a wall mural to create the look of outer space. If you're feeling really creative you could even hand paint the stars and planets yourself, or just buy some transfer stickers! Place some glow in the dark stars on the ceiling to create a calming effect at bed time.

If he's into trucks and tools, chances are your little boy would love a construction themed room.
The best (and easiest) way to achieve thislook is to look around online and find some wall transfer stickers inthe form of traffic cones, diggers and tools. For added effect, whynot purchase some red barrier tape to use as bunting, and some health& safety signs that you could frame and hang on the walls.
Anothergreat idea to really bring the room to life is through the use of a playhouse bunk bed. Use the playhouse section underneath to create your son's very own tool station. Use plastic tool kits and work benches for endless hours of fun!

X-Box? Playstation?
Whatever your son is into, a gaming room is the ultimate bedroom for kids and teenagers alike! You could use colour themes,logo's and even characters from the most popular games to create the best bedroom theme he could wish for.  If he's into Star Wars, dig out all of his memorabilia and display it around the room. Use neon lights and gaming chairs to create an arcade-look he'll never get bored of.
What better way to finish off a gaming-mad boys bedroom than with a gaming bed! Kids Funtime Beds are able to custom build a bed that's as much for gaming as it is for sleeping with storage options to-boot!

Get in touch with us today to discuss our fantastic range of custom build kids beds and how we can help make your little boys dreams come true!

Bedroom Ideas For Little Girls

Top Tips For Decorating Your Little Girl's Room

The baby and toddler years have gone and now you're left with a sweet little girl who no longer requires through-the-night care. She's independent, she no longer needs a cot-bed, you've gotten rid of the baby monitors and now you're stuck for ideas on how to change the nursery into a proper little girl's room.

We've got some top tips on decorating your little girl's bedroom to ensure it's a place where she can play, learn and sleep with ease:

These days it seems everybody is about simplicity, decorating pretty much every room in the house using neutral colours with minimal use of colour.
Even when we do decorate our children's rooms, it's easy for us to use pastel pinks, and we often forget that children are stimulated by colour. If you can't bring yourself to decorate the room using an array of bright colours, why not keep the walls neutral and use a selection of dazzling throws, pillows, shelves and accessories to add a splash of colour to the room.

It's every little girl's dream to be a princess, and making that happen is as easy as investing in a castle bed.
Kid's castle beds are available for single use, as a bunk bed and can even be made with a playhouse underneath! Decorate the room with all things 'royalty' and watch her engage in hours of role play, and possibly even more hours of sleep! If castle's aren't your daughters 'thing' then there are plenty of other custom made kids beds that can be made to suit your child's needs.

Most of us are under the impression that the ceiling should be white, but for children's room's maybe we should make an exception.
Make the ceiling fun by painting stripes, stars, clouds, or even just your child's favourite colour. If you don't like the idea of painting the ceiling, why not try out some fun wall stickers and create a piece of art up there that can easily be removed and replaced if needed!

We've all been there. You leave your 4 year old alone for two minutes and BAM! There's paint all over the cream carpet. It doesn't matter what boundaries you set, there's bound to be a messy accident at some point. Eliminate the chance of irreversible damage by choosing a durable floor. Choose a lino, laminate or another wipe-clean option. There's plenty of choice around and you'll be able to select one that matches the theme you're going with.

No matter what the age of your little girl, education is important.
That's why we'd suggest creating an area of the room for studying and quiet time. Whether she's 5 or 15 years old, a quiet place is always a good idea. Create a quiet area where your child can read, revise or just simply relax. If you don't quite have the room for a designated study area, high sleeper beds are great space savers and are ideal for placing desks, bean bags and book shelves.

If you have children, you'll be more than aware at how quick they change their mind.
One minute they love Disney Princesses, then the next they're unicorn mad! Save yourself some time and money by avoiding wallpaper and choosing wall decals. They're pretty easy to apply and are equally as easy to take off, so replacing them in line with changing trends won't be an issue!

How many shoes does one Barbie need? A lot – is the answer, and they often end up all over the floor.
Using open shelves with a selection of trays and baskets makes it easier not only for your child to have access to their favourite toys, but also for tidying them away. Establish a system and work with your daughter and make it clear where each toy belongs after play time.

Childhood passes so quick, and before you know it, you'll be helping your daughter to decorate her child's room!

Make the most of play time and don't stress about the small things. Let her have a say on what colours, accessories and toys she'd like in her room, and enjoy the ride!
Kids Funtime Beds are manufacturers of custom build kids beds including castle beds, bunk beds, high sleepers and much more. Contact us today to see how we can make your daughters dreams cometrue!

Sweet dreams: We’ve made a special donation to eight-year-old with rare cancer

Tony Smith Kids Funtime Beds

Having raised over £5,000 for the hospital since 2015 by donating £4 for every picture, video, or letter received from its customers, we have donated one of our hand-crafted beds to Tia Taggart from Padiham, who is battling a rare form of cancer called Ewing Sarcoma.

Tia, who undergoes chemotherapy for tumours in her pelvis and legs as well as rounds of radiotherapy to treat her bone and lung cancers, has been in treatment for the past two years and despite her illness is determined to help others as a loyal fundraiser for the hospital’s charity.

“I’m delighted that we have been able to make this donation and to provide a bed to Tia,” said Tony Smith, owner of Kids Funtime Beds. “As we make fun beds for kids they are our ultimate customer and we want to know that they are happy with the bed when it arrives.

“Our delivery team gives them a goody bag which include toys, sweets and a letter introducing the child to the people who made their bed and telling them to be good, work hard, and have sweet dreams,” added Tony. “We’ve always had a great connection with our customers and it’s a real vote of confidence when mum and dad choose to show us how happy the children are with their bed.

“Those photos and videos makes it really worthwhile and it is nice to be able to pass something back to other children who are having a tough time.”

Joel Oxberry, Corporate Fundraising Manager at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “We’re incredibly grateful to all the team at Kids Funtime Beds for supporting our Children’s Hospital. The money raised will make a big difference to the children treated at our hospital.

“We’d also like to thank Tony for the very kind gesture of donating a bed to Tia, who is an inspirational little girl who always thinks of others first and so is very deserving of this treat,” he added.