An ageing mattress on a bed can be more of a health risk than most people realise, and many don’t consider replacing their mattress until it develops an obvious fault or it simply becomes too uncomfortable to continue using.

Mattresses need to be supportive, comfortable and hygienic to be conducive to a good night’s sleep and beneficial to a person’s health and well-being, and many people would be quite shocked if they realised the harm they were doing to their health or their children’s health by not replacing mattresses regularly enough. The supportive properties of a mattress will gradually be lost as it ages due to the continued weight-bearing of the person or persons who sleep on it, and this can eventually result in strain on the back, leading to pain and problems particularly with the lumbar (lower) region of the back. The spine should always be properly supported and kept in proper alignment while we sleep and an old sagging mattress will not perform this function.

Other dangers of old mattresses are the build-up of harmful bacteria, dust mites and other allergens. Old and worn sprung mattresses are a particular attraction for dust mites which are known for aggravating allergies, and if you have a child that suffers with a potentially life-threatening allergy, such as asthma, then you do not want to have that child sleeping on an old mattress.

Build-up of bacteria is also a big problem, especially on mattresses used by children where there is more likelihood of bodily fluids having penetrated the mattress due to illness or accidents. Infants that sleep on old or second hand mattresses are thought to be more at risk of cot death due to the bacteria these mattresses harbour. Today many children’s mattresses are produced to have removable, washable covers, and, considering this, perhaps it is time to replace an old used mattress with a brand new one for your little boy or girl.

At Kids Funtime Beds, we stock a good range of the highest quality sprung and foam mattresses by Breasley and Babywise, because we believe that our custom-made Kids’ Bed should come with the option of a high quality brand named mattress for the health, safety and well-being of your little one.