Parents who decide to purchase one of our custom-made beds for their children soon discover not only the exciting range of various playhouse and bunk beds that we stock, but also the many different options they have for personalising whichever bed they choose. These include a choice of paint colour, a choice of carpet colour for beds with stairs, a gate, a slide, and a choice of cut-out shapes for the beds. With the help of mums and dads, it is, of course, the little boys and girls who make the choices, and a colour that they will like for their bed is a very important consideration.

In fact, colour scheme for the entire bedroom is just as important and more of a scientific process than most people might realise. It can have a psychological as well as visual impact. A child’s bedroom is his or her sanctuary and colour can play an enormous part in children feeling relaxed and comfortable in their own private space. Whilst children’s bedrooms serve as places where there will be many hours of playtime and fun, their number one function is to serve as a place where children enjoy night after night of quality sleep, and the right choice of colours can facilitate this.

In general, warm colours such as red, orange, yellow and pink create a warm and happy atmosphere and can be quite stimulating and energising, depending on how bold the shades of these colours are. Cool colours such as blue, purple and green have a calming and relaxing effect and can make a room feel spacious. Different colours will work for different children, depending on their individual personalities. A bold shade of red might be uplifting and energising for one child, and over-stimulating for a restless toddler whose parents have trouble settling him off to sleep each night. The cooler colours may be calming and soothing for more energetic and excitable children but not particularly inviting or inspiring for a quieter and more reserved child.

A recommended idea for a colour scheme in a child’s bedroom is to pair off the little boy’s or girl’s favourite colour with more neutral shades of white and cream in order to soften the effect, especially if a bolder shade of that colour has been chosen. Painting most of a bedroom white or a soft off-white shade and having a feature wall with the child’s favourite colour is always a good idea. For our Kids’ beds, we stock a considered range of paint colours popular with children, and there is always the option of having the whole bed painted white where it will be at home in any colour scheme. We also stock carpets in various colours and styles for our beds with stairs which will match or compliment the different paint colours we use.

We hope that the choice of colour we have on offer for our beds will perhaps inspire an idea for a colour scheme for your little boy’s or girl’s bedroom which will help make their whole room a most enjoyable place for fun and for relaxing sleep.