Is your child neglecting their homework? Are they easily distracted at home? Then creating a study space for them in their bedroom is one great way that you can help them become more productive. From removing distractions to providing them with the study space and materials, we have some useful tips that can help you to help them study better in their bedroom this year.

Why should you create a study area in their bedroom?

The family home can be full of distractions, especially if the house is busy and the tv is on. Sometimes studying at the dining table or in front of the tv is just going to distract your child from their homework even more. While it is sometimes best to keep a bedroom for sleeping only, sometimes a child’s room can be the perfect place for them to study and finish their homework.

Instead of your child trying to do their homework on their bedroom floor or on their bed, why not create a proper study area for them? Providing your child with a study space, bookshelves, and desk space are just some ways that you can encourage your child to study more in their room, free of distractions. To help you design the perfect productive work space for your child, here is our step by step guide that could help you:


Step 1: Change the layout of their room

  • One of the easiest ways to start creating a bedroom study space is by making room for one. Changing the layout of your child’s room can help make a room that is better suited for studying. Keeping toys away from the study space can be useful to help your child avoid distractions.
  • It could also be best to move any video games, tablets, or tvs away from any desk space so that your child isn’t tempted to ditch their homework for something more interesting.


Step 2: Pick out the right furniture for studying


  • To create an effective and productive study space in your child’s bedroom, it’s important to pick out the right furniture. Having a desk and a comfortable desk chair is one of the most important features that you should include in their room. If your child is comfortable when studying, then they are more likely to stay focussed for longer on their studying.
  • If their room doesn’t have space for a desk, then creative bunk beds with desks can help you save floor space. Purchasing a bookshelf can also help your child store all of their school books for easy reference.


Step 3:  Clear away any clutter & toys

  • To help your child stay focussed on their homework, it is useful to clear away any clutter or toys that are around their bedroom. It can be useful to make sure that their bedroom has enough storage space to tidy all their belongings out of sight. Storage beds like our bunk beds with stair drawers are ideal to help organise their room so they can have a tidy bedroom study space.
  • If your child’s bedroom is untidy, this can be a big distraction for them when they come to sit down to do homework. Your child may be easily distracted and choose to neglect their homework and focus on tidying their room instead. Teaching them to keep their room tidy outside of study time can help them to create a better study space and sleep environment in their bedroom.


Step 4: Provide kids with study materials

  • One great way that you can encourage your child to study more in their bedroom is by providing them with useful study materials. To help them be more productive, providing them with plenty of pens, paper, and notepads will help them to study better. The key to creating a productive study space in their bedroom is by creating a school-like space, but more fun!
  • To make their study space more creative, whiteboards or peg boards can help them write their ideas down and pin their work up in their room. Creating a fun blackboard wall with blackboard paint can also be a fun idea to use!


Step 5: Remove any distractions


  • Finally, to help create a productive study space in your child’s room it’s useful to remove any distractions. Video game consoles, mobiles, and tablets can easily distract your child if they are present in their bedroom. Storing them away or removing them from the room altogether can help your child focus more on school work.
  • Sometimes children might work better with headphones so that they can listen to their favourite music while studying. While some children could find this distracting, some may find it useful to help block out outside noise and help keep them focused.


If your child would like to study more in their room this year, then these useful tips could help to create an ideal home study space for them. Are they also looking for a new bed for their room too? Then we have some stylish and creative kids bunk beds available for them to pick out the perfect one to suit them!

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