Children love having the privacy of their own bedroom, and combining a play area into your child’s bedroom layout can offer heaps of advantages: both to you, your child and any of the “smaller” guests who choose visit your home. When visitors arrive and take over the living space, it’s much easier for your child to retire to his/her bedroom to relax in peace, particularly when there are lots of exciting activities and toys that are easily available.

Entertaining friends and cousins can be far more fun when your child can simply take them to the bedroom to play games or simply watch kids TV. Here are just a few great ways that you can create a fantastic play area in your child’s bedroom:


Ways to create the bedroom play area that’s perfect for your child

If you’re lucky enough to live in a spacious home with massive bedrooms, you’ll find it much easier to design a bedroom play area for your child. However, most parents find that limited bedroom space means creating the ideal play area can be difficult. You’ll also need to consider what activities your child prefers, so you can create a play area that’s most appropriate for them. In addition, if your child needs to do homework in their bedroom on a regular basis, planning space for a work table or desk will also be important.


Fix a TV to the wall

If you plan to add a TV to your child’s bedroom, fitting a wall bracket cuts out any need for a TV pedestal or cabinet and maximises available space even more. You could even make a cosy TV corner in their room with our custom built playhouse beds. Just add a duvet and a few pillows in the playhouse and you have a great location for children to watch their favourite TV shows and movies.


Create a multi-activity area

Younger kids will appreciate the benefits of multi-activity spaces in the bedroom. For example, castle beds that double up as an extra play space can be useful for storing extra toys and also gives the added benefit of loads of interactive play potential.


If your child is quite creative, then chalk blackboards can also be a great bedroom feature! You can easily use chalkboard paint on an entire wall of your kid’s bedroom which gives free rein to artistic potential and is also easy to keep clean too.


Provide desk space for activities

Whether your child likes to paint, draw, or do their homework, providing them with an appropriate work space in their bedroom could help them be more productive. Rather than being distracted downstairs with the rest of the family, your child can work at their own desk in the quiet of their own bedroom.

Here at Kids Funtime Beds we have a stylish range of bunk beds with desks that are perfect for children who want a desk, but do not want to compromise on bedroom floor space. Our built-in desks into our children’s beds can help you save space in your child’s bedroom for extra furniture or even more space for fun and games!


Cosy reading corners are great for bookworms

If your child loves nothing better than relaxing with a good book, creating a cosy reading corner in the room will encourage greater independence. With a reading corner, children can sit quiet with a book in the comfort of their own room and read amazing stories. If your child owns lots of books, then our bunk beds with storage stairs can be perfect to give them extra storage space to store all of their beloved books.


Have you checked out our range of kids’ beds?

To help you create more play space in your child’s room here at Kids Funtime Beds we have many space-saving beds available on our website. If their current bed takes up a lot of room, then opting for the sorts of children’s beds that maximise the play area can help to solve the problem.

Kids’ bunk beds are a great space-saving choice for smaller bedrooms, and often feature desks, extra storage options, or a play space beneath the bed. We also have many bunk beds with stair drawers available, which makes it easy to stow your child’s toys or clothes neatly, without any need for a separate chest of drawers.

To help create the perfect bedroom for your child, check out our fantastic range of childrens beds that we have available here at Kids Funtime Beds!

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