If your child plays in their bedroom a lot, then why not make the space more suitable for them? Whether your child enjoys painting, reading, playing with lego, or playing dress up, they will benefit from having a proper play space to play in. Your child can enjoy hours of endless fun with their very own play area in their bedroom. Children are likely to benefit more from having their own private space to play and in the comfort of their own bedroom.

Creating a fun play area in your child’s room is also a great way to make more space in your home. Rather than cluttering up the living room or dining room with toys and games, why not keep everything in the child’s bedroom? This can be especially useful if your child is playing loudly or has friends coming over to play. Take a look at our great guide that is full of advice that can help you create the ultimate bedroom play area for your child this year.


Create an art and crafts station

When children are busy drawing or painting, things can quickly get messy! If they’re going to paint in their bedroom, then it’s best for them to have an appropriate play space away from their clothes and bedsheets. You can easily create a craft station in the corner of their bedroom, where they can get creative with arts and crafts.

Small bedrooms that don’t have space for a crafts station can make the most out of bunk beds with desks instead. Bunk beds with built in desks are a great space-saving furniture idea that can give children more floor space in their bedroom. Children can have their own desk space where they can draw, paint, and come up with creative art projects.


Organise their toy collection

To help encourage your child to play more in their room, why not organise all their toys in one area of their bedroom? If a child’s toys are all located in their bedroom, rather than dotted around the house, they might be more inclined to play in their bedroom. You can easily organise their toys, games, and stuffed animals with creative hanging baskets, storage shelves, and toy chests.

There are so many creative storage options that you can use in children’s bedrooms to help you organise their belongings. Beds like our fun kids castle beds have plenty of room for children to store their toys on the bottom bunk. Some of our castle bed designs are also equipped with windows and doors, making it the perfect play area for kids!


Add some fun soft play & playground features to their bedroom

Children will be delighted with their new bedroom play space if there is room for soft play. Soft play mats are a perfect addition to their bedroom floor space to give them a comfortable area to play on. You can even provide them with space to sit and play with creative indoor teepees and comfortable bean bag! Bunk beds like our fun kids playhouse beds are also perfect for providing extra play space for your child.

 To create the ultimate play area, you can even add some fun and entertaining playground features to their room too! At Kids Funtime Beds, one creative extra that you can add to our kids bunk beds are slides! Your child can have hours of fun with their very own slide attached to their bunk bed.

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