Fantastically Fun Slumber Party Ideas

The best way to celebrate getting a new Kids Funtime Bed, is to throw a slumber party!

Let your child show off their fabulous new bed to their closest friends by giving them an unforgettable night of fun and games. There are many simple and easy ways to keep your party guests entertained that won’t overwhelm or break the bank.


Get Crafty

There are so many great arts and crafts projects you can set up to keep your little ones entertained. Painting and drawing are always great standards, though why not try other things like making friendship bracelets, DIY glittery slime, or lego building challenges? Grab some fabric pens and let them design their own funky pillowcases, or if you’re feeling brave, let them tie dye their very own white t-shirts (with supervision of course!)



Plan some kid-friendly group games to pass the time like musical sleeping bags, hot potato pass the parcel, or even a supremely sleuthy scavenger hunt! Make the kids race each other in a sleeping bag sack race, or challenge them to a wacky dance showdown, where they each roll a dice and have to perform a different show stopping routine like the robot or the macarena, you can even join in yourself to show them how it’s done!

Who also doesn’t love playing the slumber party classics like truth or dare, would you rather, or invent your own story game where one person starts a new tale and everyone comes up with a new sentence to add to it, resulting in a silly and creative new bedtime favourite.


Fun with Food

Get them all in the kitchen and experimenting with all sorts of culinary delights! They can make their own pizza from a variety of toppings, bake some delicious cookies or jazz up some ice cream with an assortment of toppings and sauces. Why not try setting up a popcorn bar where they can add their own flavourings, or save it for breakfast where they can run their own pancake station.

 Still struggling for the perfect ideas? Turn the whole night into a themed extravaganza and create games and fun decorations to match, like magical unicorn, intergalactic or use their favourite TV shows for inspiration. Set up a prop photo booth where the kids can all take silly pictures and create lasting memories together, and be sure to ply them with all the midnight snacks they could possibly need!






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