Helping your kids settle to sleep, and to stay asleep, can be difficult at the best of times, but it’s even more tricky when your kids share a room. When children are sharing a room, they can often keep each other awake during the night. Sleeping arrangements in a shared bedroom can be difficult, especially if one child wants to sleep and another wants to stay up late. If you are having trouble settling your children down for the night, then we are here to help with some useful bedtime tips!

From changing up their bedtime routine, to making sure they have a comfortable sleep environment to sleep in, we are here with some useful tips and advice to help siblings sleep better when they are sharing a room. We even have many stylish kids bunk beds available that are perfect for sleeping two or even three! Check out our great guide to see how you can get you children to sleep better in a shared bedroom this year.


Rethink the bedtime routine

All kids need a bedtime routine to help them settle to sleep, but when two siblings share a room, you might need to rethink things. For small children, a warm bath and a bedtime story before bed can easily help them drift off to sleep. In the hours before bedtime, it is best to encourage relaxing activities such as reading instead of letting them watch TV. Spending quality time with each child ensures that no one feels left out and no tantrums are likely to start just before bedtime.


Bedroom layout and personal space

When children have a bedroom to themselves, they are free to do what they want and decorate how they want. However, when two or more siblings share a room, it can seem impossible to keep every child happy. One way to get siblings to sleep better in the same bedroom is by updating their bedroom layout so that each child has their own personal space to work with. It’s important that each child has their own night light, desk, and chest of drawers, to help them establish their space and need for independence.

You can also help to create private space by using bookcases to divide the room, plus different wallpaper on each side. This unique and personalised space will help your children to sleep better as they will feel secure and happy in their bedroom space. If your children prefer to sleep near each other, then they can choose between the top bunk or bottom bunk with our stylish ladder bunk beds.


The right time to go to sleep

If your children are not ready for sleep at their given bedtime, then you might have some trouble settling them down. Bedtime timing is important for children to ensure that they get the right amount of sleep that they need every night. Putting them to bed too early could mean that they will struggle to settle down. If your children nap throughout the day, this could also have an impact on how well they settle down on a night. Be sure to choose a time in the evening for bedtime to suit both you and your children, to ensure that they sleep better in a shared bedroom.


Your choice of beds

When siblings are sharing a bedroom, there are so many creative bed options that you can choose for their room. Whether your children prefer single separate beds or bunk beds, choosing the right beds that suit both of them is important. To help save on floor space, our triple bunk beds, can help sleep two or three children without you needing to purchase multiple beds!

Many of our kids bunk beds have great features including desks, storage options, and a variety of designs to choose from. Bunk beds can also help to save floor space so that your children can have extra room for toys and games. With bunk beds, children can also style their bunk how they like and can add their own cuddly toys, posters, or nightlights to it.

The bedtime routine can be stressful when kids share a room, but these useful tips can help you make bedtime a little easier for everyone. Making sure each child has their own personal space and changing bedtime routines are just some useful ways that you can help siblings sleep better when they share a bedroom.