Sometimes your children will sleep soundly throughout the night.  But sometimes they can also develop a fear of the dark too.  This can be both problematic for both children and parents as the child will struggle to get good quality sleep on a night.  By helping your child overcome their fear of the dark, they will be able to sleep better at night and become more confident in facing their fears.

If your child is struggling with their fear of the dark, there are many ways that you can help them overcome it.  Kids Funtime Beds are here with a useful guide to help both you and your child overcome their fear of the dark.

Why Are Children Afraid of the Dark?

Many children are afraid of the dark because of the fear of the unknown.  Children can have a vivid imagination and may develop a fear over what may be hiding in the shadows at night.  Many children fear walking down the hallway to their room or are scared that there is something under their bed or in the wardrobe.

Maybe your child has seen something scary on TV and is now afraid to go to bed at night.  Their stress and fear can lead to a lack of sleep and could become hard to manage if left unchecked.  But there are ways that can help your child easily manage their fear of the dark.


Add More Light to Your Home

When children are afraid of the dark they will be stressed and on high alert at bedtime.  This becomes a problem at bedtime when children are too alert and wide awake that they can’t get to sleep.  One way that can help your child overcome their fear of the dark is by adding more light to your home and their bedroom.  Adding extra light, especially in the dark corners of their bedroom can help them feel safer, comfortable and reassured.  Here are a few useful tips that can help you add more light to your home;

  1. Why not use a night light next to their bed? Using a night light can help them gradually get used to their bedroom and will help them sleep easier at night.
  2. If your child is afraid of the dark hallways in your home, you can always keep the landing light on for a while at bedtime to comfort them.
  3. Make sure light switches in your home are easily accessible to them. Making sure the bathroom light and their bedroom light are easy to reach can help reassure them that they can put the light on if they need to.
  4. You can even add fun light sources to their room to help them relax more. Glow in the dark ceiling stars, luminescent wall decals, and fairy lights can help light up dark corners of their room to help comfort them.


Identify the Cause of the Problem

Even though there might not be a direct cause, sometimes trying to figure out the cause of their fear could help you tackle it more easily.  Is your child afraid of the dark after watching something scary on TV? If something on TV has scared them, then you can address the issue by making sure they avoid watching TV before bedtime.


Settle Them Down at Night

One useful way to help your child face their fear is by establishing a relaxing bedtime routine for them.  Reading a bedtime story with them before they go to sleep is just one way to help them relax and stop them worrying too much.  Make sure you reassure them but try not to talk about their fear of the dark just as they are going to sleep as this could make them worry more.

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