There’s nothing more frustrating than when you know your child is tired but they can’t or won’t get to sleep. Many parents report that the clock changes in spring and autumn can trigger restlessness, as can other disruptions, such as a child moving into a new bedroom or starting school. However, help is at hand! Take a read of our guide to getting your child to sleep and discover some tricks and tips to help them drop off for a peaceful night’s sleep.


Establish a bedtime routine

Children respond to routine in all areas of their lives, and it’s just as relevant at bedtime. Creating a calm bedtime routine can help your kids to drift off more easily on a night. This could be a warm bath followed by a bedtime story and cuddles. Sticking to the same routine every night is important, as your child will slowly get used to the time that you put them to bed, and will gradually learn to become sleepy around this time.


Create a peaceful sleep environment

As well as having a good bedtime routine established, it is also useful to create a relaxing sleep environment for your child. If your child is struggling to sleep, then aim to reduce the distractions that are in their room. Keeping a neat and tidy bedroom and putting toys away before bedtime can help to create a better environment for them to sleep in.

Experts also recommend a room temperature between 18 and 21 degrees celsius to promote sleep, with no distractions such as phones, television or household noise. Decorating your child’s bedroom with calming colours can also and make it a safe haven where they feel relaxed.


Try blackout blinds

If your child is struggling to sleep, it could be because their room is not dark enough for them. To help encourage your child to sleep, your child’s room needs to be sufficiently dark enough. Bedroom accessories such as blackout blinds come into their own around the spring equinox when the clocks go forward and evenings are lighter. In summer, they are useful to help block out morning sun and help your child sleep for longer.


Soothe them to sleep with night lights

One of the reasons why children may struggle to sleep at night is because they are afraid of the dark. Night lights are an excellent product for you to use to help give your child reassurance and comfort as they drop off to sleep. You can choose a traditional night light with a constant glow, or one that mimics sunset and the fading light of day. If you don’t want a night light to stay on all night, many have inbuilt timers with a choice of shut-off times, while others project stars or other patterns around their bedroom.


Let them listen to relaxing sounds

While using technology at night can sometimes disrupt your child’s sleep, sometimes it can also be useful to help them sleep too. There are many ways that technology can help your child sleep better, such as devices that have sleep apps, audio books, or can play calming music. Making sure the sound is set low enough, these methods can help soothe your child and help them drift off to sleep.

When your child is struggling to sleep, it may sometimes seem like an impossible task to get them to drift back off to sleep. It might take some patience and persistence, but if you stick to a bedtime routine and use some of these tricks, your child will soon be sleeping soundly. Here at Kids Funtime Beds, we have a fantastic range of  that will help your child drift off in no time at all. Take a look on our website today to find the perfect kids bed that will suit your child!


New colours options at Kids Funtime Beds!

As of June, we have some new colour wrap options for you to choose from for our kids bunk beds. If you want to find the perfect kids bunk bed for your child in their favourite colour then check out our new options that we will have available! You will be able to choose from stylish oak and high gloss colour finishes that are scratch resistant, stain resistant, and durable.

Check out some of our new colour options that we’ll have available from June 2019:

High Gloss

  • ‘Agave’ (dark grey)
  • ‘Pervinca’ (light blue)
  • ‘Peperoncino Rosso’ (red)
  • ‘Gorse’ (yellow)


  • Covarn-Vintage Oak Grey
  • Covarn-Charleston Oak Dark Brown

And many more!

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