Are your kids in the middle of learning about rhyming words? Turn their learning into a fun game to test their knowledge by incorporating it into a round of dominoes! In itself, dominoes is a great game of numbers, but its versatility allows it to be used to match other things turning it into a useful learning tool.


Simply grab a set of dominoes, apply some masking or painter’s tape to the backs and use a marker to draw a line down the middle. Now they’re ready for some rhyming words. Choose some rhyming sets and write four or five rhymes per set. Write the words on either side of the line on the domino piece, making sure not to put the same rhyme on one domino.

You can follow any corresponding school materials for guidance on what types of rhymes you should include or come up with them yourself based on your child’s age and level of learning.


To play, lay the dominoes face down and have each player draw seven. To start, the first player places a domino in the centre and in turn, each player will place one piece to make a rhyme on any open side. If a player can’t find a matching rhyme they must draw another piece and the next player takes a turn. The first player to use up all of their tiles wins the game.

The beauty of this game is that once the words have had a few rounds, the masking tape can be peeled off, replaced and a new word written in its place. This is useful as the more your kids learn, the more variety you can begin to introduce into the game. You don’t even necessarily need to have domino tiles to begin with, you can just create the same shape by cutting out templates from pieces of card and using them.

You can also mix it up even further by substituting rhymes for shapes, colours, and other language tools like verbs or nouns. The possibilities are endless!

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