There are many ways to break down stale maths lessons into something much more visual and engaging to help your kids get their heads around it. Give them a boost of confidence with these fun tools and games to help them with arithmetic and fractions.


Fraction Tree

Making this fraction tree is really simple and a great way for your little ones to visualise how fractions work and give them a better understanding of how they work.

Fraction Tree - Home Learning

Start with one piece of brown paper as your trunk, representing the whole number. Then for each additional piece of paper, cut into half, then quarters, and so on until you have 16ths and display as above so it resembles a tree. You can jazz it up with some green leaves, or get a mixture of red and yellow leaves for a cool autumn look. Mix up the pieces and let them reconstruct it to see if they understand how the fractions work. Once it’s done you can even turn it into a giant work of art that not only looks good, but is educational!


Fraction Flowers

Another great way to teach your kids about fractions is to turn them into flowers. Grab a handful of paper plates and divide then cut them into halves, thirds, quarters etc.

Fraction Flowers - Home Learning

This way kids can practice and compare different fractions to see how they relate to each other. You can even get them to try and assemble a full flower using different fraction petals to test their knowledge and understanding.


Lock & Key Equation Puzzles

Turning simple addition and subtraction problems into visual locks and keys can really help your kids get to grips with the more taxing equations.

Equation Keys - Home Learning

Create and print them out from a computer, or go old school and draw around a house key and padlock to create your templates. Make a mixture of addition and subtraction problems for your child to solve, and if they’re ready up the difficulty to multiplication and division!


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