Is your child’s birthday coming up? Then a great party idea for them can be hosting a birthday sleepover in your home! Whether your child wants to invite a few friends or many, Kids Funtime Beds have some great tips to help the sleepover run smoothly. Check out our guide today to see how you can create a fun and exciting birthday sleepover for your child.

Birthday Sleepover Checklist

For any sleepover, whether it is for a birthday or not, it is important that parents are properly organised. From the time that guests turn up at your house to the time they leave in the morning, being organised can help you to run a smooth and stress-free sleepover in your home.

Set rules for your house guests

One of the most important rules when hosting a birthday sleepover in your house is making sure that you set house rules. No one wants children running wild in their home! Before you even think about inviting guests into your home, sit down with your child and establish what rules will stand in your home. What time should guests arrive for the sleepover? What time is lights out? These are all important rules that you need to consider.

It’s important to also take note on how many children are turning up to your house to make sure that you have room for everyone. It’s also best practice to keep emergency contact details for all of these guests just in case you need to contact their family for anything. By setting house rules well before your guests arrive, everyone will have a better understanding of how the sleepover will run.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to establish a time for when guests should be picked up the next day. This way you know exactly when you can relax when everyone has gone home.


Provide plenty of activities for the night

Another important note for your checklist is deciding what activities to have to entertain your guests. It is a birthday sleepover after all! Do some research online and see which popular toys, table games or party games you can include at the sleepover. ‘Musical Chairs’ and ‘Pass The Parcel’ are always good games to include at any party! If you are struggling for entertainment later on in the evening, then have a selection of movies that they can settle down to watch. Our kids playhouse beds would make the perfect hideout for them to watch their favourite films.

No party would ever be complete without some party food to go around for everyone! Make sure that you have plenty of food choices that will suit everyone. Get creative with your food options and create a fun food buffet where kids can come and go for food when they want to in between activities and party games. Best not to forget the birthday cake or the party bags for everyone too!

Top Tip: To make sure no one goes hungry, make sure that you have vegetarian options, non-dairy foods, or even gluten-free alternatives available for guests. And always check to see if any of your guests have food allergies!


Set a birthday theme for the sleepover

To create a fun and exciting birthday sleepover for everyone, it can be interesting to create a themed-sleepover for everyone to enjoy. Is your child into comic book heroes? Then a superhero theme for the birthday sleepover would be a great idea! From pirates and princesses to Disney characters and cartoons, there are so many themes for you to choose from.

To get your home ready for the sleepover, decorating your house can help you set the party theme. Adding balloons, birthday banners and other party decor can help you dress your house for your chosen theme. Whichever theme you choose, creating a cosy movie area for your guests is one must-have feature for any sleepover. Our kids castle beds are ideal for creating a pillow fort/movie area for the birthday child and all of their guests.


Top Tip: Once you have chosen a theme for the sleepover, why not use it for your invitations too? If you have a pirate-themed night, sending out treasure map style invitations would be a great idea.


Don’t leave sleeping arrangements until the last minute

One very important tip to put on your checklist is to organise sleeping arrangements. This is always best done before guests start to arrive and especially well before bedtime! First of all, make sure that there is plenty of room in your child’s bedroom for everyone. If you are struggling on space then you can always move some furniture out of the way just for one night. Make sure that there are also plenty of pillows, blankets, and duvets for everyone to share. You don’t want to have any sleepover guests without a pillow to sleep on!


Here at Kids Funtime Beds, we have a great selection of kids bunk beds that will help you save space in your child’s bedroom. With a variety of bunk bed designs, we have plenty of beds with extra sleep space for guests on our website. If you have a lot of guests staying over, then bunk beds can also help to maximise your floor space to make sure everyone has a spot to sleep.

 Top Tip: It’s always best to establish a lights out time before it gets too late. Decide what bedtime everyone should have and when noise should quieten down so that you can get a good night’s sleep yourself.