We’re in scary unprecedented times, and what with lockdown and national restrictions it must seem like the world has gone crazy to your kids. So naturally it’s important to keep them safe and healthy during this pandemic.


Top of the list is ensuring you maintain a clean environment in your house, free from dust and germs. Regularly wipe down surfaces, door handles and light switches with anti-bacterial wipes to keep the spread of bacteria and viruses to a minimum. Also make sure your child knows the importance of washing their hands properly with soap and warm water, or if out and about with them, use hand sanitizer.

Children respond best to structure, and while they may not have the same routine as before, it’s important to keep them to as much of that original routine as possible, adapting to your new personal circumstances. Don’t let the pandemic knock your regular structure out of whack, adjust and adapt to make sure your kids are still benefiting from a great home regime. Support them with any home learning they need to do and be sure to schedule in plenty of play time.

Communicate openly and honestly with your little ones, and encourage them to do the same. Air out any worries or concerns, but be reassuring so as not to cause them too much stress. This is a great lesson for them to practice gratitude for what they have and also be able to articulate their concerns.

Keep them connected to friends and family that they aren’t able to see in person through regular calls and video chats. Zoom meetings are a great way to maintain those bonds with the people that mean the most to them. Above all keep them happy, occupied and engaged with fun activities, making sure that they get plenty of healthy exercise.

For more information on keeping your kids safe, the CDC has put together a fantastic resource for parents that you can find here: