Deluxe Funtime Playhouse Bed

The festive season of Christmas can be a lively time of parties, celebrations and family outings that can be immensely enjoyable for all but also quite disruptive to the normal routine of the household. This can have an effect on the normal sleeping habits of young children in a family and it is important to take their sleep needs into consideration whilst planning family gatherings or events.

The usual bed times of young children can fall by the wayside at times like Christmas, and whilst during a family get-together it would perhaps be unrealistic to expect to get your little ones to bed at their normal bedtime, it is important that they are not allowed to stay up so late that they become stressed. Boys and girls usually enjoy all the extra attention that a party or big family gathering can bring them, but not everyone appreciates that too much attention and excitement can have an exhaustive effect on young children, and it is important that they are not stretched too far beyond their usual limits when it comes to sleep. The broad rule of thumb is to allow your child to stay up an hour later than usual on special occasions but not much longer than this. Allowing young children to stay up too far beyond their usual bedtime is asking for floods of tears and tantrums as they become increasingly overtired.

Here at Kids Funtime Beds our motto is “making bedtime fun”, and in much of the positive feedback left for us, parents have expressed their relief that there is no longer the nightly battle to get their little ones to settle down to sleep with them now having an exciting new Funtime bed to sleep in. All our beds, be they our bunk beds, playhouse beds, triple sleepers or quad beds, are designed and built to make bedtime the most enjoyable experience possible for children, and enabling them to look forward to going to bed is something which their mums and dads will be very appreciative of during the excitement of the Christmas holidays. We believe that an enjoyable festive season for all is one that includes adequate restful sleep for your children, and we are very pleased that our beds have made all the difference to a happy and contended journey to the Land of Nod for all our customers’ little boys and girls.

All the team here at Kids Funtime Beds would like to take this opportunity to again wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.