Handmade Bunk Bed

Our exciting range of kids handmade beds continues to grow and has seen some amazing new additions in the last few months. Adding the impressive High Sleeper Bunk Bed, the awesome Raised Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed, and the fabulous Pod Bunk Bed – all of which have been instant hits with our customers since their release. The idea for these beds was to create something which would appeal to older kids, and, as with all our beds, these have been designed in-house by our very own MD Tony.


The creation of our High Sleeper bed was inspired by the great success and popularity of our Funtime Deluxe Bunk Bed, and at 1600mm high (400mm higher than the Deluxe Bunk) this is the ideal bunk for the older child who needs more space for sitting up in bed to read, study, perhaps watch their favourite TV shows or play about on a their Ipad. Boasting more headroom for the boy or girl in the bottom bunk and also storage space in 2 generous size drawers or a trundle bed, the High sleeper is a very practical, as well as attractive, bunk bed which provides the ultimate experience of comfort and luxury.


Our new Raised Triple Sleeper Bunk bed is a variation of our standard Triple Sleeper. Sleeping three, the stylish design of this bed will be hugely appealing to the youngsters who want to relax and sleep in surroundings that are trendy as well as comfortable. As with the high sleeper, the double bed bottom bunk allows for more head space, and the two generous-size storage drawers are included in this particular bed as standard. Furthermore, there is the option of replacing the drawers with a trundle bed. This gives the bed the fantastic potential of sleeping four, and what more useful feature than this for when you have relatives or friends of your children over to stay for the night.

As with all our Deluxe Beds, both the Raised Triple Sleeper and High Sleeper bunk beds have carpeted stairs to the top bunk, and both beds take standard-size mattresses. All the usual options are available for personalising these beds from choice of paint colour, cut out shapes and carpet colour through to having a gate or a slide included.

Our inspired range of beds is certainly going to see more exciting new additions and we look forward to introducing these in the near future.