national bed month

National Bed Month

The month of March is National Bed Month in the UK, and this is an ideal time for us to stop and take stock when it comes to the beds we sleep in and the quality of sleep we get. It is a great opportunity to consider if we and our children are getting the good night’s sleep that we deserve each night, and if the condition of our beds and mattresses are facilitating this.

Most parents lead very busy lives and can appreciate how time flies when they are occupied with a young family to care for. Mums and dads are often overheard remarking how quickly their children grow up. Days and weeks all too quickly turn into months and the years start flying by, and we can easily overlook how time takes its toll on our beds and the mattresses we sleep on. These are subject to the same wear and tear as everything else that we use, and will at some point come to the end of their useful lives and need replacing. Adults spend up to a third of their lives in bed asleep, whilst very young children need up to twelve hours sleep a night – this is nearly half their young lives in bed! Therefore, a strong and supportive bed along with an equally supportive and comfortable mattress are essential for night after night of restful and restorative sleep.

Here at Kids Funtime Beds, quality, comfort and support are guaranteed attributes of the beds we produce. Whilst “Making Bedtime Fun” is our motto, our consistent goal in the production of our beds is also to meet children’s need for consistently good sleep.  If you are deciding that it’s time to replace your child’s bed, our exciting range of playhouse and bunk beds are designed and built to be comfortable, safe and durable, and a bed purchased from us will easily outlast your child’s need for it.

It would be very remiss of us if we didn’t also provide the best quality mattresses. It is recommended that a mattress is replaced every eight years, and we stock mattresses by the renowned Breasley and Babywise mattress manufacturers, as we want to ensure that our customers’ mattresses will provide ultimate comfort and support for their children, thus ensuring a good night’s sleep for them each and every night.