Do you like to stay up late at night? Or do you like to wake up early? If you’d like to find out which type of sleeper you are, then we have a great guide for you! All of us have different sleeping patterns and preferences, so no two individuals are the same. Where some may function best working late at night, others might be more alert in the early hours of the morning. Take a look at our great guide today to find out whether you are more like a night owl or early bird.


Night Owl

When the rest of the household sleeps, a night owl finds time to indulge in their favourite hobbies such as reading books or playing video games. Night owls tend to worry less than others as they don’t have to worry about fitting everything in during the course of the day. They often have more time than others as they stay up late to get more done before going to sleep at night. As a result, night owls are often more relaxed and carefree than others. If homework needs to be done the next day, night owls can easily fit it in before bedtime with our bunk beds with desks.

Many studies have also shown that those with a habit of staying up late are usually more creative than early-risers. Night owls can often think outside the box and can easily come up with creative solutions to problems. However, if your child likes to stay up late it is also important that they get the right amount of sleep that they need each night. If they stay up late but need to get up for school the next morning, they could be running on less sleep than usual. While they may enjoy staying up late, it’s best to make sure that they are still getting enough sleep on a night.

Are you a night owl? If your child spends most of their time awake and playing in their room, then our kids playhouse beds are the perfect match for them!


Early Bird

Whether you are up early for school or up early to watch TV, early birds can get a lot done before everyone else is out of bed. Early birds tend to be more productive and alert on a morning while others might be tired and still half-asleep. They tend to get more done during the day as they are up earlier than everyone else. If your child likes to wake up early on a morning, then they can easily jump out of bed as soon as their alarm rings with the help of our ladder bunk beds.

As early birds get up earlier than everyone else, this can also mean that they are tired earlier on during the day. While this could impact productivity levels during the second half of the day, it can also be beneficial for preparing for bedtime. As they are up so early on a morning, early birds usually value going to bed early too as their day can often feel longer than those who get up later. Early birds are also more likely to be early to school and are also more productive during the day.

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So, which type of sleeper are you?


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