As a manufacturer and supplier of children’s beds, the team at Kids Funtime Beds appreciate how vital the right mattress is for our customers’ children to enjoy night after night of quality sleep. Whichever of our kids’ beds you might be considering purchasing, be it one of our Bunk Beds, Playhouse Beds, Quads Beds or Triple Beds, the selection of quality mattresses we have on offer are each designed to facilitate the adequate restful sleep necessary for the health and well-being of your children.

Two specific mattresses that we were persuaded we should supply with our junior size beds are cot bed mattresses manufactured by Babywise, the UK’s largest independent supplier of Children’s mattresses. The question on many people’s minds when purchasing a mattress is what type of mattress to choose, and the decision can become even more of a dilemma when it is parents trying to choose the right mattress for their child. The two types of mattress that we stock from Babywise are the traditional sprung variety and foam. For a child’s bed the sprung type is an ideal choice, and the Babywise Fully Sprung Mattress is designed for durability and manufactured to provide children with all the comfort and support that they need for as long as they have need of a junior bed. At an affordable price we believe that this choice of mattress is extremely good value for money.

The Babywise Foam Mattress is a cheaper alternative to the more traditional fully sprung option but will still give the comfort and support that parents would expect for their children from a quality mattress. Typically, foam mattresses are less likely to aggravate allergic reactions such as asthma or eczema as they do not have the same potential for attracting and harbouring dust mites as ageing sprung mattresses have, and foam mattresses are by and large easier to clean, although the beauty of both Babywise mattresses is that they have a removable covering which is washable.

Significant advances in the design and manufacturing of mattresses, especially in the last twelve to eighteen months, have resulted in new mattresses being more comfortable, supportive, durable and breathable than ever before. Both Babywise mattresses are breathable, meaning that your child can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep without becoming overly warm or perspiring excessively. Both mattresses also have the recommended depth of 10cm to give the adequate full-body support your child needs as he or she sleeps. We are confident that the purchase of either of these quality mattresses to go with a junior Kids Funtime Bed will prove to be money well-spent as a good night’s sleep for a child means a good night’s sleep for the parents too!