White Kids Pod Bed

Here at Kids Funtime Beds, we are always seeking to be innovative and are constantly looking to come up with exciting new designs of kid’s pod beds.

Among some of the latest additions to our catalogue is the fabulous Pod Bunk Bed which has proved very popular with our customers since its release.  Highly original and futuristic in appearance, this bunk bed is an ideal candidate for the child’s bedroom where a contemporary theme is sought, and what better bed than this to inspire and stimulate a youngster’s imagination for hours of games and playtime fun, whether it be as space-faring travellers or teddies escaping from pirates in a 007-style escape adventure at sea.  The entire Pod Bunk experience will be conducive to hours of your children keeping themselves entertained. Furthermore, each of this bunk bed’s two layers create a definite personal space where each child can have their very own den to escape to and enjoy sleep at the end of the day in surroundings that are both plush and chic. Designed to appeal to the older child, the pod bunk has a very smooth and ultra-modern finish and will be an instant hit with your children should you decide to purchase one.

Other features of the Pod Bunk bed are the options of having shelving installed in each bunk, and also of having drawers or a trundle bed incorporated into it when it is built for you. The trundle bed will hold a standard-size single mattress up to 14cm deep and is the perfect solution for those sleepovers where a relative or a friend of your children is over to stay.

As with all our beds, there are a whole range of options to choose from to personalise the pod bunk to your taste or children’s preferences. These include a range of funky colours to choose from, a choice of quality carpets, and options of including a gate for the stairs and a slide.

Our Kids Funtime Beds don’t come more fun than the Pod Bunk in which your children can look forward to going to bed and to sleeping in style and comfort each and every night.