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Deluxe Drawers 40cm-240cm


Clutter free bedrooms with our captivating custom built drawers!

High quality Drawers, custom built to fit your space, sure to wow with their luxury painted finish.

Our drawers have an 18mm hard back making them more durable than most and wrapped with end panels for extra weight and durability. The units are built using cabenio fixings ensuring a strong and easy assembly.

-Sets made from MDF and MFC;

Drawer Unit: 94.5cm high x 45cm deep

Single drawer in widths of: 40cm £140; 60cm £185; 90cm £245.

Double drawer in widths of: 80cm £265 (2 x 40cm wide); 120cm £345 (2 x 60cm wide); 180cm £445 (2 x 90cm wide).

Triple drawer in widths of: 120cm £375 (3 x 40cm wide); 180cm £495 (3 x 60cm wide); 240cm £675 (3 x 90cm wide).


Finance: For 0% Finance a minimum order of £350 is applicable. Please see this link for more information. 

Delivery charged on first payment. See this link for our current lead time. We will contact you within 2 working days to confirm your purchase and provide information on your delivery date.