As a parent, do you ever feel the pressure to keep your kids entertained on your days off with them? If you don’t want to take them out of the house to museums or play parks, then why not consider spending a duvet day at home with your kids? There are many ways that ‘duvet days’ can keep your children entertained and help you have a relaxing day off as well.


Having a duvet day with your child doesn’t mean you have to stay in bed all day.  There are many activities you can do at home with your child whilst wrapped up in a cosy duvet.  Here at Kids Funtime Beds we are here with a great guide to show you how you and your child can have a fun but relaxing duvet day at home together.


Watch a Film

One of the best plans you can have for a duvet day is snuggling up with your duvet and pillows to watch one of your favourite films.  Settling down to watch a film together is a great idea as it can really keep your child entertained for a few hours.  Watching a great kids’ film as a family is a relaxing way to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Take the duvets off the kid’s beds, snuggle up together in front of the TV and away you go.  Make sure you have plenty of tasty snacks for your film session but avoid anything too sticky near the duvet as it will be going back on a bed at bedtime.


Play Games

Having a relaxing duvet da at home together can be a great opportunity to dig out old games that you haven’t played in a while.  Snuggled in your duvets, you can easily pass time by playing board games, video games, or games on your tablet or mobile.  Why not test your knowledge against your child with a family edition of Trivial Pursuit?

If you want a cosy hideout space to play games together, then our kids playhouse beds could be the perfect bed for your child’s room.  These beds have plenty of additional storage space on the bottom bunk for you to play games together.  Add a few pillows, fluffy toys, and duvets and you are all set to go head to head in your favourite games.


Enjoy a Book

To have the most relaxing duvet day at home, why not dig out your favourite books to read together? When you’re bored of playing games and watching movies, you can easily relax and snuggle up together under a duvet and share a book.

Of course, this might very well be part of your normal bedtime routine, but it also makes the perfect ending to your duvet day.  Whether you are reading fairy tale stories, the Harry Potter series, or flicking through comic books, this is a great activity that you can enjoy with your child on a fun duvet day together.


Hopefully you will find your family duvet day a relaxing and enjoyable experience, but what have your kids gained from it? Well, they’ve been physically active, had the chance to plan the day, and spent quality time with a parent.  In fact, their duvet day has been much more worthwhile than a day out might have been.

At Kids Funtime Beds we have plenty of stylish kids’ beds that your child can make the most of on their duvet day.  From playhouse beds to trundle beds, we have a fabulous variety of kids bunk beds so that you can find the perfect one that best suits your child.  Our custom built bunk beds have a range of great extras too including bedside trays, stair gates, slides, or even name engraving!