Space Saving Ideas For Your Kids Bedroom

Furnishing your child’s bedroom can be both enjoyable and frustrating, especially if space is limited. Trying to fit all of those essentials into the room, such as the bed, clothes and toys can be quite a challenge if you want to maximise floor space. Fortunately, there are furniture options and storage ideas out there that can help you to save much-needed space in your child’s bedroom. Take a look at our useful space-saving tips that can help you!

Using shelving & storage systems to save space

One of the main ways that you can save space in your child’s bedroom is by using shelving and storage. This doesn’t have to mean just traditional bookshelves and chest of drawers as there are many other ways that you can be creative with your style of storage.


Clever shelving

The real joy of shelving is that they can be placed anywhere within the bedroom, including the smallest gaps. To save space you can easily place shelving above the bed, above the desk, at the side of the door and even under windows. Just make sure that they are firmly attached to the wall. This type of shelving is useful for storing those toys that are not often used or for display items. You can even add shelving near a desk to store stationery and craft equipment.


Toy chests

Toy chests have always been popular for children’s bedrooms, but today this functional piece of bedroom furniture can also be multi-functional. You can now have a toy chest that is also a seat! They can easily be placed by a desk for when your child needs to study, or simply by itself for when your child wants to read. Toy chests come in a range of shapes and colours, allowing you to personalise the room.


Bookcases & book trolleys

Many children love to read and you can encourage their love of books by giving them their very own bookcase. Traditional bookcases or even book trolleys can help you add more storage to your child’s bedroom that can help you save floor space. If you are wanting to save even more space, then wall-mounted shelves would be a better option for storing all of your child’s books.


Using space-saving kids beds

The bed is the focal point of a bedroom, and the good news is that there are so many different styles, sizes and shapes for you to choose from. Choosing the right bed for your child’s bedroom is important as there are many kids beds options that can help save you even more bedroom space. Here are just some of our kids bunk beds that can help save you space:


Saving space with storage bunk beds

storage stairs bunk bed
Space saving bunk beds with storage stairs

Choosing kids beds that come with extra storage is great to help you save more room in your child’s bedroom. At Kids Funtime Beds, we have a range of stylish bunk bed with storage stairs that can provide you with extra bedroom storage. These drawers can store spare bedding, board games and even toys. If your child’s room is quite small and you struggle with floor space, then storage beds are a great option for you to choose for your child.


Triple bunk beds

Bunk beds are a good choice when two or more children are sharing a bedroom. There are a range of different bunk beds that can take either a double or single mattress and can be used for children of different ages. Using beds such as our triple bunk beds are ideal if you have siblings but are limited with bedroom space. Many modern bunk beds now come with integrated storage options to helping you maximise space.


Bunk beds with desks

There are many kids beds available on our website that incorporate storage options, such as desks. Our bunk beds with desks include desk space where your child can read, draw, or do their homework. These beds can also come with additional storage space including drawers and cupboards for clothes and toys. Our desk bunk beds are perfect space-saving options for your room if you want to save the floor space for other pieces of bedroom furniture.