Do you struggle to get your child out of bed on a school morning? From forgotten school books to last minute lunches, and from t-shirt stains to gym shorts that can’t be found, the morning school run can be a nightmare for many families. But it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, there are many ways to making mornings easier, giving you more time to sit down, relax and really savour that first coffee of the day.

If you’re looking for some great advice to help speed up your morning school run, then we have the perfect top tips to help you! Here are five simple yet effective ways to reduce the stress of the morning school run:

1. Build A Routine

One of the most straightforward solutions to a stress-free school run is establishing a morning routine for your family.  Having a plan to follow is one of the best ways to keep your kids on track, get everything done and prevent idle, unproductive periods throughout the morning. If your family shares a bathroom, it can be useful to stagger each person’s routine, with one getting up and dressed first, while another brushes their teeth.  Establishing a routine and sticking to it is just one step to creating an easier school run for you and your family.


2. Don’t Make Packed Lunches on a Morning

Do you leave packed lunch preparation to the last minute? Doing so can take valuable time off your morning school run. If you are preparing a family dinner on an evening, this is the perfect time to make up some packed lunches for the next day, rather than racing to get it done before leaving the house in the morning. It can help save time on washing up too.

To make things even easier, pop your childs entire lunch into a bag in the fridge the night before school ready for the next morning (non fridge items like crisps will be just fine).  Preparing a packed lunch the night before is beneficial especially if you are running late on a morning so you can just grab the prepared lunch boxes and go.


3. Prepare Everything the Night Before

After dinner each evening, it’s worth taking a few moments to organise school bags and backpacks, making sure that school books and homework are inside, and leave them near the front door so they can’t be forgotten. It’s a good idea to take a quick look at your calendar to ensure that you have any special items that might be needed for school the next day, such as PE kits or art supplies. Laying their school clothes out the night before is always a good technique to use too, so you are not hunting round the house for socks and missing school shoes in the morning!


4. Use a School Tray

Children are remarkably good at forgetting to relay important information, so always expect the unexpected.  If your child is prone to remembering things at the very last minute, creating a ‘school tray’ can be useful.  Items you could include in a school tray could include pens for signing forms, small change for donations, snack money, raffles etc and evelopes for securing forms and money.  Make sure to keep your school tray in the kitchen or somewhere that is handy so that it is easily accessible on a morning.


5. Think About Your Route to School

Creating a stress free morning routine for your school run is not just about preparing school bags and packed lunches.  It’s also about preparing for your journey before you leave the house, such as checking traffic updates and deciding which is the best route to school. If you drive your children to school, it might be useful to consider leaving earlier than you need to just in case you get stuck in traffic.  It’s also useful to leave early to ensure you are able to park near the school safely and not spending time trying to find a parking space.


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While mornings are never quite as simple and straightforward as we would like them to be, it is possible to make the morning school run easier for everyone.  School mornings can be made more enjoyable for the whole family by being prepared, by expecting the unexpected, and by taking just a few moments each evening to make sure that everything is ready for the following day.  To help your child get out of bed on time in a morning it’s also important that they have a good night’s sleep. If you want them to wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested, then check out our fabulous range of kids beds that we have available.

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