In need of some practical storage solutions for your kid’s bedroom or play area?

Tired of stepping on toys and other loose items? Struggling for space to put clothes and bedding? Looking for better ways to organize your kid’s reading books? Look no further than our new assortment of fun, decorative and whimsical storage items! Clear up the floors and de-clutter those surfaces by giving all your kid’s belongings a proper home.

Make the best possible use of the space with these kids storage box seats, providing a fantastically playful place for your child to store their toys that also doubles up as a comfy seat. The sturdy seat is made from MDF and features a blue polyester cover, ensuring durability and sustainability through all those hours of playtime. The soft padded seat and backrest provide your child with plenty of comfort and support while seated, then simply lift up the seat to provide ample storage for all those toys, games and books. Choose from several adorable patterns like space adventure and some animal favourites.

Kids Bedroom Storage


Our simple and colourful over door hangers are easy to put up so you can hang those ready-to-grab essentials like jackets and dressing gowns, with a chic and robust chrome finish and plastic multi-coloured hooks for functional and fashionable storage.  These cute laundry bags, made from soft cotton with easy-to-carry handles, are a perfect way to collect up your kid’s dirty clothes.

over door hangers


These pirate bookends are the perfect thing to organise your child’s books and other belongings whilst also adding a playful touch to the decor. Why not also mix and match with our great selection of other pirate-themed accessories featuring the same swash-buckling design!

Kids Pirate Book Ends


Keep an eye out for all the latest products in our ever expanding range of kids funtime bedroom accessories!