In the hot summer months, it can be difficult for you and your family to get good quality sleep every night. When your bedroom is too warm you’re more likely to stay awake for longer and find it harder to get back to sleep. In summer, the lighter evenings and mornings can also be an issue that can disrupt your sleep pattern. Whether you are away on holiday, or at home, there are many useful tips that can help you to sleep better during summer.

Here at Kids Funtime Beds we have a great guide full of useful tips that will help you and your child sleep better during hot summer nights. If you’re looking for a new bed for your child this year, we also have a fantastic range of kids bunk beds for them to choose from, in many different styles and colours. Check out our top tips that will help you sleep better in summer, however hot it may get.


1. Pack away your winter bedding

Heavy duvets and quilt covers are the last thing you need in summer when the temperatures are high. In summer, bedding needs to be light to help keep you cool and allow your body to breathe. Ideally, a duvet tog of 3.5 – 7 would be best to use during summer.


2. Dim the light

In summer, it can often be difficult to sleep because of the lighter evenings and mornings. If you have thin blinds or curtains in your bedroom, the light can seep in easily and keep you awake for longer. One of the best sleep environments you can have is one that is both dark and quiet. Blackout blinds can be especially useful in children’s rooms in summer to keep light out of their bedroom so that their sleep isn’t disrupted.


3. Keep your cool

One of the most important factors to consider for sleep is keeping your bedroom cool. You sleep is likely to be disrupted if your bedroom is too cold or too hot. Many suggest that the ideal temperature for sleep is around 18 degrees celsius. Using air conditioning or opening a window in your room or your child’s room can seem like a good idea, but the extra noise could just disrupt your sleep even more.


4. Ditch the distractions

Watching TV or being glued to social media sites on your laptop, iPad or phone can all have a negative impact on your body when you’re trying to sleep. Many suggest that the light from your device screens can have a negative impact on your sleep. To help both you and your child sleep better every night, it’s recommended that you stop using screens at least one or two hours before bedtime.


5. Have a cool shower

If you or your children are too warm before you’ve even got to bed, this won’t help you drift off to sleep easily. Taking a cool refreshing shower or bath before bedtime in summer can help cool your temperature down before getting into bed. Make sure your children have light pyjamas to put on after their shower so that they can keep cool for longer.


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