When mummies and daddies order new beds for their little ones, few think to ask us teddies what we think when it comes to choosing a bed that is just right. After all, we spend as much, if not more, time as their little boys and girls in the new beds, and it’s very important that teddies and dollies like the new beds as well and are involved in choosing a really good one. One must remember that we always know what your little ones are thinking and we can always tell you what they really want. So JUST ASK TEDDY!!

Many of us have found a really exciting home in some terrific playhouse and bunk beds that mummies and daddies have ordered for their children from Kids Funtime Beds. All of us teddies have been debating on writing in to say that they should perhaps rename their company Teddies’ Funtime Beds. As we all have such a lovely time together in them, it really is hard to know who’s having the most fun – our little Human friends or us! Some of our little friends have beds with stairs and slides which makes their bedrooms a really exciting adventure playground. We go up and down and round and round and have great fun. There’s also a storage space under the stairs, and this makes a great place to hide and feel safe if we want to play hide and seek! Other friends have Playhouse Beds, and we can have terrific teddy bears’ picnics in these and then sit gazing out of the window pane afterwards at the world going by.

When it’s time for bed at night, this too is great fun for little boys and girls and teddies alike. We have a nice little roof over our heads if we go to sleep in the bottom bunk, and this makes us feel nice and safe. If we have a top bunk, we have a nice view of the world through oblong or heart shaped windows.

Kids Funtime Beds are highly recommended by all teddies as they are a great place for having fun and snuggling up to their little Human friends at night while making plans for big adventures the next day.