Kids Funtime Beds Delivery Bus
Kids Funtime Beds Bed Bus

It is very important to us to ensure that we deliver our beds safely to our customers. Using couriers is not an option due to the possibility of products being damaged or mishandled on the way. Therefore, we have our own big yellow Bed Buses in which we personally transport our Funtime Beds to their destination.

When Tony, our enterprising MD, established his own company in Kids Funtime Beds, it was important to him that the business should have its own delivery vehicle to ensure that his children’s beds reached their destination safely and that the high standard of service he aspires to is maintained.

Our hard working drivers use the Bed Bus every day to deliver our beds, and once-a-week they make long-distance deliveries to the south, including to the charming home counties and the busy city of London itself. These trips can end for our tired drivers with overnight stays in scenic locations or seaside resorts, such as Portsmouth or Brighton, depending on where their first early morning delivery of the following day might be. This could be followed by several deliveries to addresses in the beautiful Cotswolds and the Black Country on the long trek back home. These trips highlight how our Bed Bus has needed to be robust and reliable, ensuring that we maintain a high standard of service for our customers from start to finish and that excited little girls and boys always receive their new beds on time.

Thanks to further expansion of the business, Kids Funtime Beds is now the proud owner of two Bed Buses. This helps us to meet increased demand and ensure that our delivery schedule for our customers is second-to-none. Tony often uses Bed Bus No. 2 to make deliveries and meet customers himself, thus demonstrating that his business is not only a highly professional one, but a personal and friendly one too.

Both our Bed Buses were van wrapped to advertise the products we sell. Our designers wanted our delivery vans to be very colourful and decided that they should have an eye-catching yellow and white. These colours also make a great background for our rainbow themed logo, and for the company name written in three different colours of red, blue and green. The addition of multi-coloured handprints and photographs of our ever-popular playhouse and bunk beds has resulted in a design that makes a powerful statement about who we are, what we do and who we make our products for!

We hope to one day have a full fleet of bed buses like these on the road, and we look forward to delivering our beds in one of these buses to little boys and girls in your area soon.