The Stamp of Quality

The Guild of Master Craftsmen

In August of this year, we were extremely excited and very proud that Kids Funtime Beds was accepted into The Guild Of Master Craftsmen – a trade organisation representing skilled professionals of every kind from builders, joiners, stonemasons, blacksmiths and carpenters through to electricians, plasterers, painters and decorators and interior designers.

Being granted membership of the guild was a great achievement for us and a ringing endorsement of our products and customer service. We pride ourselves on commitment to quality, and being accepted into the Guild of Master Craftsmen demonstrates that potential customers can have great confidence in us. We never want any little boy or girl to be disappointed with the new bed that they’ve really looked forward to, and we are very pleased that the guild has agreed with all the positive things that mums and dads have been saying about us by granting us membership – a sign of quality, integrity, skill and experience.

Everybody wants to be sure that they are doing business with tradesmen that they can trust. Membership of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and carrying its emblem is a very important seal of approval for the tradesman trying to grow his business. All members of the Guild have been stringently tested before being accepted, and they must then adhere to very high standards of workmanship and customer service or they will lose their membership. With the Guild, true professionals are separated from charlatans, and consumers are protected from shoddy workmanship and goods.

All tradesmen employed by Kids Funtime Beds are highly experienced and qualified, and they only use the highest quality materials to make our exciting Kids beds strong, enduring and look beautiful. Our hard-working Manager Tony, himself a highly skilled and experienced joiner, built the business from scratch and determined from the outset that he was only going to employ the very best staff and materials to make his beds. The result is a Children’s’ Beds business that is making lots of little boys and girls very happy at bedtime – a business that has now been given an official stamp of approval by the United Kingdom’s most well-known and established trade organisation.

We are honoured to carry the emblem of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, and we will always work very hard to demonstrate ourselves worthy of it.