One frequent task that parents have to deal with is what to do when your child is still hungry at bedtime. What do you do when it’s time for bed but your child still wants something to eat? We have a great article for you on what are the best foods to give your child at bedtime. Even though bedtime isn’t always the best time of day to have a snack, it’s still best to avoid unhealthy sugary treats just before bed. So here are just a few healthy snacks options that both you and your child can enjoy before bed!

Grab a healthy treat before bed

If your child is still hungry by the time bedtime comes along, then there are many healthy snacks that they can enjoy before getting into bed. It can be useful to provide your child with some healthy food options before bedtime as it can help prevent them from getting up in the middle of the night to find something to eat. Junk food should be off the menu just before bedtime as they can disrupt sleep patterns. Food such as pizza, sweets, and fizzy drinks are best to avoid as they are likely to fill your child with energy at a time of the day where they should be winding down for bed.

While it is best to avoid some foods before bed, such as chocolate and caffeine, healthy snacks can actually help promote sleep. Whether your child is four or fourteen, a healthy snack before bed can help keep them fuller for longer and help them sleep better through the night. Here is a list of four healthy snacks that they can enjoy before lights out!


1. Bananas and almonds

Bananas are a potassium-rich food that comes with many health benefits. Foods such as bananas and almonds are tasty options that your child can enjoy before bed. Both are bursting with magnesium which is perfect for relaxing muscles and settling them down for bedtime.


2. Warm milk with honey

If you are looking for a tasty drink for your child to enjoy before bedtime, then adding a spoonful of honey to warm milk can help send them off to sleep in no time at all. Having a glass of warm milk at the end of the day will help to relax your child and help calm them before going to sleep.


3. Turkey

Is your child looking for a savoury snack to eat before bed? Then turkey is another healthy food option that they can enjoy before going to sleep. A small portion of turkey is both a delicious and nutritious snack for your child to enjoy. As turkey is high in protein, many people suggest that turkey is great for promoting sleep.


4. Oats

Oats are another healthy food that is rich in vitamins such as calcium and magnesium that can help to promote sleep. While oats are usually associated with breakfast, they still make a tasty and substantial snack for you to eat on an evening.


Eating these healthy snacks before bed can help promote sleep, especially if your child is not sleeping well at the moment. After their tasty snack they will be able to snuggle up in bed ready to sleep soundly through the night, without waking up because they’re hungry. To help ensure your child has a peaceful nights rest, take a look at our fantastic bespoke kids beds here at Kids Funtime Beds that are comfortable, stylish, and fun!


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