One exciting room that you can decorate in your home is your child’s bedroom. When decorating their room there are endless creative options and cool colour schemes for you to choose from. However, kids grow up fast and so do their individual tastes and preferences, so it’s important to give your child’s bedroom a makeover now and again to give their room a proper refresh.

From kids beds and wallpaper designs to colour schemes and space-saving furniture, here are just some cool ways that you can give your children’s bedroom a stylish update:


Find the perfect kids bed

The most important part of your child’s bedroom is their bed. One of the most exciting ways to update their room is by buying them a new fun and exciting bed! Why not make your child feel like a little prince or princess with a quirky castle-themed bed for their bedroom? Kids castle beds are ideal for young children and are perfect for stimulating your little one’s creativity as they become a den to play in by day and a cosy place to sleep in by night.

If you have siblings who are sharing a bedroom, a great space-saving idea is to invest in kids bunk beds. Sharing bunk beds will be a great bonding experience for your siblings (once they’ve finished arguing over who gets the top bunk!). You could even go the extra mile and choose a bunk bed with a slide and inject even more fun into your child’s bedroom decor. Take a look at our fabulous kids bunk beds range today that can feature a cool additional slide.


Create a cosy corner

Your child’s room is their sanctuary, a safe space where they can fully relax and be themselves. When you update their room, you will want to make the room as comfortable as possible and this is where a cosy corner can be a great idea. Invest in plush furnishings, such as soft blankets and bean bags and make a cosy den in a corner of their room. This can be as extravagant or simplistic as you want, with a full on colourful tent or just a dotting of fairy lights strung up on the wall.


Add a desk to your childs bedroom

From homework tasks to art projects, your child will inevitably need a desk to do their work at. It’s important to establish a place to work early on to encourage your child’s productivity and allow them to become hardworking individuals. However, desks can take up a lot of space which isn’t ideal for children who need extra room to play.

When you update your child’s bedroom, get creative! Here at Kids Funtime Beds we have a fantastic range of stylish bunk beds with desks that would be perfect for their room. These beds are ideal if your child wants extra study space without compromising floor space for an extra desk. Our built-in desks can be an ideal space-saving idea for their bedroom.


Get Crafty

get crafting
Make something personal and unique for your kids bedroom

Homemade and colourful items can really add character to your child’s room, so unleash your inner creativity and craft some unique items for them. This can be a hand-painted wall display or shelving unit that can house personal items and smaller furnishings. Get your children involved in the process where they can help to create art for their bedroom walls. You could even consider incorporating a chalk wall into your child’s bedroom so they can draw on the walls for fun, easily wipe it off, then start all over again!


Opt for a neutral aesthetic

No matter which bedroom decor you choose to fill your child’s bedroom with, try to stick to neutral colour schemes that will still suit your child when they grow up. If you’re wanting to add a splash of colour to their bedroom, then it might be best to leave that to colourful decor instead. Adding colour to their bedroom by updating the decor and furniture is much easier than changing the wallpaper or painted walls.

At Kids Funtime Beds, we have a stylish range of kids bunk beds that can help you add the pop of colour you need for your neutral colour scheme. Our stylish kids trundle beds come in many different designs that can fit in well with the rest of the bedroom decor. Pick from awesome accent colours for our white trundle beds such as Bombshell Pink or Turquoise Twist, that can add a pop of colour to the room.

Now you have some bedroom decorating ideas, you can get started on creating a bedroom that your child is going to love!


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