Children's bunk bed - high sleeper

We decided we wanted a children’s bunk bed for our 3 year old but were really unwilling to get a standard ladder bed as he’s not really a climber. We wanted something that was great quality, delivered longevity and a stylish feel whilst retaining the fun element for our son.

Having seen kids funtime beds on facebook and falling in love, we decided on a bed with stairs to give us peach of mind that our son wouldn’t stumble or fall when trying to climb up or down with him being so young. I did a lot of shopping around to try and find other beds with this kind of stair but others I found were not quite right and absolutely none of them lived up to the quality feel that I felt this bed offered so kids funtime beds was the best option for us.


This bed seemed expensive on the face of it, however given that this bed is going to last him so many years and having seen the quality and sturdiness of it now it’s in situ, it really is great value for money. The craftsmanship that has gone into it and the quality of the finish is well worth the expense in my opinion and it has delivered a fantastic feature point in our sons bedroom. The gentleman that arrived delivered the bed on a specific date for me (inbetween decorating and the big reveal for my sons birthday) and within 2 hours the bed was up and looking great with me not having to lift a finger which is great (apart from making the tea of course).


On the morning of my sons 3rd birthday, we revealed his new bedroom with his big boys bed and he was absolutely amazed, uttering the word ‘WOW’ when he walked in and looking up in amazement at his new bed. My little boy has a really tentative nature and myself and my husband fully expected that he wouldn’t’ want to move into his new room for several days until he got used to the idea, however that wasn’t the case and by lunchtime that very same day, he wanted a nap, not only in his room but on the top bunk of his new big boys bed! He hasn’t been into his old room since and absolutely loves it. The bed is sturdy enough that Daddy or Mummy (even at 6 months pregnant) can climb in with him to read bedtime stories, something I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable with with a standard metal frame bunk.


We are absolutely overjoyed with the bed and have had so many lovely comments. Our little boy is very lucky to have this in his room and will get enjoyment out of it for  many years to come.


Thank you to all of the guys at Kids Funtime beds for providing this for us as well as the wonderful communication and service from enquiry, to order, through to delivery.


Alana, James and George Daly J